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Overload of tasks and never enough time.

You know why you started your business, but being bogged down with paperwork was not part of your vision.

SBS offers accounting and business service solutions so you can focus on running your successful company.


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Good financial records are fundamental to succes, they measure the pulse of your business.

Below are just a few of the services SBS provides.

The paperwork's piling up
  • QuickBooks Desktop
  • QuickBooks Online
  • New Company Set Up
  • Monthly Accounting
  • Compliance Assistance
  • State Sales & Business Tax
  • Workmans Comp Audits
  • Tangible Personal Property Tax
  • Meaningful Reporting
  • Qtrly and Annual reports
  • Tax Time Assistance
  • Reconciliations
  • MailChimp Marketing
  • Social Media Posts
  • Document Assistance
  • Sounding Board

What SBS Clients Say

Let me be very clear with you about my experience with Daniela (Danny) Wilson handling my finances and administratively getting the work done.

She and her work ethic are excellent.

I believe she delivers the work and the excellence she does because of the following characteristics:

Integrity; Grace; Professionalism and Commitment

INTEGRITY: You will never need to doubt if your work or information is secure. Nor will you ever need to be concerned with trust. Daniela has the highest standards and will apply all that she is to your work and needs.

GRACE: Daniela is a lovely and caring woman. She will take care of you in addition to the work she completes with you.

PROFESSIONALISM: Daniela runs her business with the highest standards of excellence that she will also apply to your work. She does not scrimp on any portion of her work. We have had many difficult situations involving technical, banking, online information, etc and Daniela stayed the course and found the solution…much to my total relief and gratitude.

COMMITMENT: Daniela respects and keeps deadlines. She has never missed a commitment with my company and, much to my dismay, is early and an excellent “reminder” to me. No late bills, taxes, documents etc.

When you decide to work with Daniela, Danny, you will be entering a high quality, professional, and caring relationship that will benefit you for every moment you work together.

Natalie R. Manor

Natalie Manor & Associates

I first met Daniela “Danny” Wilson shortly after I acquired Elizabeth Dean Boutique, she walked into my boutique as a customer and over several years has developed into a vital part of my business as well as a trusted friend.

When I met Danny, I was in desperate need of a bookkeeper and she agreed to fill that role. Our professional relationship began with Danny compiling the monthly financials for Elizabeth Dean Boutique, and helping me make sense of these numbers. Since that time Danny has developed into so much more than a bookkeeper. Danny understands the tax and business laws governing small businesses and has helped me navigate much of the confusion related to payroll and business operations. Danny has been a sounding board for many of my business ideas offering creative feedback and angles that had escaped me. Danny has managed much of my social media driving new customers into my store and increasing my monthly sales. Danny has given me sound business advice, even when it was advice I disagreed with or didn’t want to hear.

Advice given is often best measured through the lens of time. As I look back over our relationship Danny’s advice has been spot on, time and time again. If you are looking to add a bookkeeping professional that is reliable and operated with a high level of integrity to your team, you will find none better than Danny Wilson Simplified Business Solutions. I am proud to call her my bookkeeper as well as my friend.

Tricia Mosier

Elizabeth Dean Boutique

Danny is a true gift and choosing her was one of the best business decisions we’ve made! Her knowledge, understanding, skill and excellence in the world of bookkeeping are immediately evident. However, what we most appreciate is her ability to see. Yes, she sees numbers, but she also sees people and understands us too. As a small growing business, taking the step of getting our books in proper order seemed a daunting, overwhelming, and intimidating process. We brought our financials to Danny along with many fears and anxieties attached. Danny listened, understood, knew how to care for our hearts while tackling the practical work of getting our books in order. She made sense of the numbers while patiently helping us get untangled from all the fears that surrounded them. We breathe much easier now when it’s time to get into fiscal conversations. We are beyond blessed to have her and consider her a valuable part of our team!

Meishach and Chera Moore

Social House Photography

Daniela has been handling our books for many years. We have always appreciated her knowledge, her thoroughness, her ability to understand our business. We would highly recommend her for her professionalism and her willingness to make sure our business needs are met.

Stephen Scheu, Founder of Time & Pay

Work with SBS

Simplified Business Solutions

Kingsport, Tennessee

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Entrusting your finances to a stranger is almost impossible, all of my current clients are referrals.

Many years ago I was fortunate that one person gave me a chance.

I know the pressures one can feel as an entrepreneur.

From prior experience of operating a private security company to starting my working life in Germany studying and working in retail:

Hands-on experience has given me better understanding of what a business owner truly goes through.

Being able to provide real life solutions to businesses is my mission.

Though I may be a “nerd” in the office, I relish the outdoors. Motorcycle riding with my husband, dog agility with our doberman, riding horses and hiking beautiful trails fills my spirit.